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Welcome to the space dedicated to tourism professionals regarding the development of the island of Boavista, Republic of Cape Verde. Click on the image and you will have access to a continuously updated Google Drive folder containing information about tourism, investments and promotion of Boavista Island.

For any questions or requests for information, please refer to the Contacts List document, which contains the main useful contacts of institutions and private companies operating in the tourism sector.


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Sun & Beach sector

The favorable climate 365 days a year and the 55km of white beach offer tourists an enchanting place to spend their holidays in total relaxation.



Aquatic sport sector

Especially in winter time, wind and wave conditions allow an exceptional approach to the world of water sports, especially kite surfing, surfing and windsurfing. Every year, Cape Verde is the scene of an international stage of each of these sports. Look at the video gallery below.



Outdoor sport sector

The climate, the land and the environmental conditions without dangers allow you to practice a long list of outdoor sports, such as beach volleyball, beach soccer, running, marathon, trekking, horse riding and other sports, as well as a suitable place to physical recovery and pre-post race retrait. Boavista wants to become a place of sport and wellness.


Biodiversity sector

The Cape Verde avifauna, characterized by a remarkable biodiversity that includes about 150 species, as well as the variety of marine species, attracts thousands of tourists every year. Boavista is the ideal destination to get closer to a lively and colorful nature, formed by humpbacks, turtles and dozens of incredible animals.




Cinema sector

In 2018, the tourism industry registered a record for cine-tourism, a practice much sought after by fans of all kinds. The great European and Hollywood productions are constantly looking for suggestive locations and settings for its movies. Boavista wants to become an attraction of excellence for international directors and set designers.



Voluntary sector

Many people every day are changing ways of traveling abroad. For various reasons, traditional tourism is no longer able to meet the expectations of travelers: there are those looking for authenticity in the places visited, those who want to get in touch with the locals, who finally wants to feel useful towards the populations visited. For this reason, many opportunities for voluntarism are emerging: the tourist is no longer a passive traveler, but he works to contribute to the wellbeing and wealth of the place, living the local lifestyle and letting himself be involved in daily activities, especially to help animals or children. Boavista can offer this kind of experience, for children, for turtles and the environment.